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Mittwoch, 01. Juli 2020

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Quidco is a cashback site. You check it before you buy something online, click through from Quidco instead of going directly to the retailer’s site, and then you get free cash back into your Quidco account!
This role also includes organizing tasks like home maintenance, vehicle servicing, medical appointments, planning holidays and so on. There are many different tasks you could do, it’s whatever they need. Although you should specify what you aren’t willing to do upfront such as manual labour, to avoid issues down the road.
Testing websites is where you get paid to go to a website, perform certain tasks, and describe your experience, including anything you found annoying or difficult. It helps organizations build better, more intuitive websites for their customers. This is another job that pays pretty well for the work required, but because of that, it's competitive and it can be hard to get a lot of work this way.
I hate junk mail but did you know you can sell it? These are companies that will, in some way, turn your mail into money.
Completing short tasks on Amazon MTurk can earn you some side money. There are plenty of options available, including transcribing, data entry, and taking surveys. Each task is called a HIT, and you can qualify for better-paying ones over time.

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